Welcome to the sanctuary

a place to seek wisdom, guidance and deep understanding

If you wandered here, chances are you are on a self discovery journey, have a desire to heal yourself or crave deeper knowledge of your spirit. This is a place dedicated to the sacred, to the stars and most of all, to your unique soul pattern, to your unique beauty. See below what services can I provide for you dear Soul Sibling

About Baba Ada

mother, daughter, spiritual practitioner

Hello, my name is Ada, I am Leo Sun, Aries Moon & Asc, Saturn opposite Chiron. My lifelong journey towards truth and self discovery have learned me lessons I want to share. Connected to Ancient Egyptian practice, Slavic folk magick and spiritual exploration, I implement the ways of the ancestors into modern day living. Read more in About section, if you're interested in what is Baba, and how can I help


Let the Stars lead you

Astrology readings can offer valuable insights into various aspects of our lives. I specialize in Karmic astrology readings, guiding towards trauma healing. I also make classic readings, Generational synastry readings, shedding light on the dynamics between family members and Prosperity readings focused life goal and work life. And for those looking for a unique and artistic touch, I offer personalized astrology artwork.

Card readings

What are the cards saying?

Tarot card readings are a powerful tool for gaining insight into your current energy flow. I offer different types of tarot spreads, from small four-card readings to larger, more complex spreads that explore multiple aspects of your life. No matter the size of the spread, each card holds a unique meaning and message that can help shed light on your situation.  For those interested in archetypal mind reading, I offer one based on the Ra material.

Spiritual Services

Baba Ada, help is needed

Do you need to talk to someone about that one dream you can't forget? Or do you need advice in areas of herbal medicine, folk magick practice, energy cleansing and reading or something more? I offer consultation and advice, on "pay what you can spare" principle.  Don't shy away from asking, if I can't help, maybe I can lead you to the right door.

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