Welcome to the sacred space

Here you are safe, to express your needs and to be soft. Vulnerability is strength.

Welcome to Baba Ada's Spiritual Services, where I am here to help you, to cater to your spiritual growth and understanding.  The goal of this service is to help the community and the peoples by providing you with deep insights into your life's journey and helping you navigate through the challenges that come your way. Through the power of connecting with the ancestral roots and using ancient practices to guide us towards a more fulfilling life. I am committed to providing you with a safe and nurturing space where you can explore your spirituality and find the answers you seek. Join me on this journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth. Let us unlock the mysteries of the universe and find the peace and happiness you deserve. Welcome to Baba Ada's Sacred Space.

My Service to You

All of the below services are here to help you, to create strong, beautiful community. To share goodness. If you wish to pay, pay what you can spare, so if you feel like paying 25, 50 or 300dkk, it's totally up to you. Why? because I believe help shouldn't be withhold for those with better monetary circumstances. Share resources, give and help others. Let's create a better today for each other and embody the highest of ourselves.

Energy cleansing

With Sage, Palo Santo, Rosemary or Juniper smudges, or a combination of few, and shamanic Falcon Feather Fan. If wished for, Holy Water can also be used. I walk around your energetic body, helping you cleanse yourself of the energy that no longer serves

Wax pouring

Ancient Baba practice of pouring wax over ones head to discover underlying issues troubling. Wax when hardened, is interpreted symbolically to shed light on what may be the root cause.

Dream interpretation

If you feel like your dream has a deeper meaning and you just can't forget it, chances are there is a message in there for you. I help you uncover it with symbol and dream interpretation.

Curse breaking

If you experience continuous bad luck and misfortune, it can be that you have been cursed. Some curses are laid unconsciously, other purposefully.  By using egg trapping method and cleansing, I can guide you through getting rid of lesser curses. 

Advice and help

Do you need small spiritual advice? You don't know who to ask? Maybe I can help. With basic knowledge of herbs to spiritual knowledge, both religious and esoteric, maybe I can lead you to the right door.

*no medical, psychological, financial or legal advice!

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