mother, daughter, spiritual practitioner

"Per Aspera ad Astra” or "Per Astra ad Aspera"

since the very early childhood I have experienced clairsentience and deep connection to the Spirit. Being devoted to the magickal and the ancestral, I found my calling in astrology, nature and practice of what in Poland is called szeptucha or baba. A whisperer, the one who prays, the wise-woman driven to help. 

I come from a mixed bloodline of Slavic ancestry. My practice bases on these ancestral roots and expands to Antient Kemetian, Nordic and other indigenous peoples shamanic wisdom. Together with my husband Lasse, of Nordic descend, we live a life of spirit, nature and nurture, raising our son in a little hut at the edge of a forest, and with our dear friend Bakheera, a half-wild black cat. 

My experience is based on a lifetime of everyday practice, as well as deep spiritual studies I have dedicated myself to. The spirit guides in strongest connection with me is my Guardian Angel, Archangels Michael and Gabriel, the Spirit of Falcon, the Spirit of Great Cat, and the Spirit of Cheetah. I also work with archetypes and The Cosmic Mother.

If you find my energy resonating with you, I invite you to contact me.


What is Baba?

In Slavic cultures, "Baba" is a title used to describe a woman of wisdom and spiritual knowledge. It is similar to the Western concept of a wise woman or witch, such as the character Baba Yaga from Russian folklore. However, unlike the negative portrayal of witches in some Western traditions, "Baba" is a title of respect and admiration for women who are knowledgeable and skilled in spiritual practices.

The word "Baba" has its roots in ancient Slavic paganism, where women played important roles as spiritual leaders and healers. They were seen as mediators between the natural world and the spiritual realm, and were responsible for maintaining harmony and balance in the community. Over time, the term "Baba" became associated with these women of wisdom and spirituality.

In modern times, the concept of "Baba" has evolved to include women who are knowledgeable in various spiritual practices, such as astrology, divination, herbalism, and energy healing. These women offer guidance and support to those seeking spiritual growth and understanding. "Baba" has become a term of respect and recognition for their expertise and skills.

While the concept of "Baba" may be unfamiliar to Western audiences, there are equivalents in Viking and Nordic cultures. The Vikings had their own wise women known as "volvas," who were skilled in divination and prophecy. They were also respected for their healing abilities and knowledge of herbs and other natural remedies. Similarly, in Norse mythology, the goddess Freyja was associated with love, fertility, and war, and was often depicted as a powerful and wise woman.

The modern-day equivalent of "Baba" in Western cultures might be a spiritual mentor or coach, who offers guidance and support to individuals seeking deeper meaning and purpose in their lives. These mentors may have expertise in various spiritual practices and traditions, and can help individuals on their own spiritual journeys.

In conclusion, the concept of "Baba" is an important part of Slavic culture, representing the wisdom and spiritual knowledge of women. While the term may be unfamiliar to Western audiences, there are equivalents in other cultures, including Viking and Nordic traditions. Today, "Baba" has evolved to include women who are skilled in various spiritual practices, and who offer guidance and support to those seeking spiritual growth and understanding.

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Address: Juelsminde, Denmark

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